Friday, July 13, 2007

7 Important Element At Blog

Possible confused you and ask around. Any kind of needed to your blog. So, now I will explain any kind of which you need to your blog. This Element of vital importance once for your blog. Have an effect on to visitor at your blog. Any kind of needed to make a blog:
  1. You have to have transtools in your blog. You can used Alta Vista so that your visitor which come where from even also can read article which you write.
  2. At blog you have to have directory blog like technorati, and feedburner. So that reader of article you earn to inhale your article.
  3. You have to provide guest book for the visitor of your blog. You can get guest book free of charge in Shoutmix, and Cbox.
  4. You have to have blog archive . So that visitor can see all your article.
  5. Presenting all your article label. So that visitor you earn to chosen your article to be read.
  6. Stats or of tracker also very good for your blog. With that you earn to see how many visitor of your blog. You can get stats for your blog in Hitstat, or Site Meter.
  7. Present recent post and of recent comment at your blog. Hopefully your blog of success.



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