Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How To Create Blog In Blogger

1. open / start
2. arrow sign click writing down to create a new blog
3. your must login in your account gmail
4. password for blog which wish you create
5. type to repeat yours password
6. type the name of appearance of blog yours
7. type word verification
8. check box list that I accept service and conditions.
9. last of click continue.

10. Including a heading for of blog Your

11. You and other will use this to read and link to Your blog.

12. Then click to continue

13. Select;Choose appearance of custom for Your blog You can easily alter template wait, or even create custom template design property of You after Your blog in setting up.

14. Then click to continue

15. Blog You have been created
We have created a blog to You. You can now add Your posting, creating profile of personal Your, or custom how Your blog seen

16. Finish and Start posting


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