Monday, July 16, 2007

Provenance Virus

  • 1949, John Von Neuman , laying open " theory of self automata altering representing result research into from all mathematician
  • 1960, BELL lab ( AT&T), all expert in BELL lab ( AT&T) dabbl theory laid open by neuman v john, they play with the theory the to an game type / game. All the expert make program able to multiply yourself and can break program made in opponent . Program capable to stay and break all program other, hence will be considered to be its winner. This game finally becoming game of favorite every old computer. Many lab of them conscious even also and start to take heed this game because of program dangerous created more and more, so that they do tight security and observation
  • 1980, the program which is finally recognized by the name of " virus" this succeeding to disseminate outside laboratory environment, and start to circulate in world of cyber
  • 1980, strarting to be recognized by virus disseminating in world of cyber..



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