Saturday, July 14, 2007

Way Of Terminal Installation Of Services

Way of Terminal installation of Services shall be as follows:
  1. Return at Control Panel, click Add / Programs remove so that box dialogued by Add Remove Programs emerge,later;then click Add / Windows Components remove so that come up window
  2. Hereinafter give sign of right at Terminal of Servicesas well as at Terminal of Services Licensing. Because Of Aplication Server Mode selected , gift sign of right at Terminal of Services this Licensing is needed, but when Remote Administration Mode selected,You needn't give sign of right at Terminal Services Licensing. After giving sign of right , click Next.
  3. Will come up box dialogued by Terminal of Services Setup to chosening mode to be used Application Server mode, afterwards click Next.
  4. Will come up box dialogued by Terminal of Services Setup Selecting Permissions Compatible Terminal with Server 4.0. Users, afterwards click Next.
  5. Will come up application found on server like at advised that there is possibility of application found on server cannot work better so that need instal repeat. However when after Terminal of Services install and do not happened problem of at application, You needn't install repeat the application. To continue, click of Next.
  6. Terminal of Services Licensing Setup will come up. Click of Next
  7. Will come up Terminal installation process of Services. Including CD master of Windows 2000 Server
  8. Click Finish.



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