Saturday, July 7, 2007

Create a blog in easy steps

How to create blog with blogger:

  1. You have to have email may yahoo, hotmail, but better with email of gmail. because gmail account can be used for the registration of adsense,
  2. Login first to your email account,
  3. Then signup to blogger,
  4. Fill you boldness like email ( if is in your email hence automatically email box for register to blogger loaded by your special email of consumer of just gmail),
  5. Then type password which you wish for login to your blog ( do not have to is equal to your email password if can be differentiated by your email password with login password to your blog just for safety),
  6. Appearance content of is name of which wish you present in your blog,
  7. Check of is availibility of url which you wish for example that xxx which you wish,
  8. click continue and ready to your blog. Its way Facilitate . remember one email only enabled to create one blog,
  9. Your blog setting at will you,
  10. Select;choose template which is is beautiful to be looked into by eye. Safe try.



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