Friday, July 6, 2007

How to creating successful blog

How to creating successful blog. If you wish to create blog. Follow my suggestion.

  1. in creating blog you have to have theme or idea for blog which wish you create. for example you wish to make blog about music. Give news to your reader about newest music news. this matter good for so that/ to be reader you remain to see what you write in your blog.
  2. So that/ to be succeeding you have to intend if blog which you create have to succeed and yield money. That all good for so that/ to be you really serious in creating blog.
  3. And be confidence if altogether you do laboriously will yield result of good.
  4. Selecting good template so that/ to be reader you'd like and always see your blog. Select;Choose template which is beautiful to be seen by eye. If you of is expert in creating template. Create by xself template for your blog. Because by creating template yourself by xself. That thing will add good value at your reader.
  5. Write a news or tutorial to your reader , because internet good for as information media for all people in all the world.
  6. Give result of your best masterpiece.
  7. In each;every post which you write. Input photograph as illustration whereof which you narrate at your reader. So that/ to be your post easy to to be understood by your reader.
  8. Invite your reader as friend.
  9. Vote to your reader.
  10. Reciprocate all comment given by your reader.
  11. Always give newest post to your reader.
  12. Comprehend your reader. Comprehend what they will and need.



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