Thursday, July 5, 2007

History Of Computer

Since history, data-processing process have been done/conducted by human being. Human being also find mechanic appliances and electronic to assist human being in data processing and enumeration so that can get quicker result. Computer which we meet in this time [is] a[n long evolution of inventions of human being of history in the form of mechanic appliance and also electronic.
In this time its supporter apparatus and computer have entered in each;every life aspect and work. Existing computer now have ability which more than simply calculation of ordinary matematik. Among/Between him is computer system in supermarket kassa capable to read expense goods code, central of telephone handling millions of communications and call, computer network and of internet which is connecting various place in the world. Any way appliance processor of data from since ancient era till now we can classify into 4 big faction

1. Equipments of manual: that is very simple data processing equipment, and all important factor in usage of appliance is to use human being hand energy
2. Equipments of Mechanic: that is equipments which have in form of moved mechanic by hand manually
3. Equipments Of Mechanic Electronic: Equipments of mechanic moved by automatically by electronic motor
4. Equipments of Electronic: Laboring Equipments of him electronicly is full off.



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