Thursday, July 5, 2007

History Of Internet

history of Internet started by at

  • 1969, when Department Defence of America set mind on to perform a to research into about how to connecting a number of computer so that form organic network. Program research into this recognized by the name of ARPANET.
  • 1970, have more than 10 connected a success computer one another so that they can is communicating each other and forming a network.
  • 1972, success Roy Tomlinson complete e-mail program which he create one year ago for ARPANET.
  • 1973, computer network of ARPANET start to be developed to extend out United States.
  • 1976, when success Queen English deliver e-mail from is Prodigal of Signals And Radar of Establishment in Malvern. One year later;then, have more than 100 computer joining in ARPANET form a or network of network.
  • 1979, Tom Truscott, Jim of Ellis and of Steve Bellovin, creating first newsgroups which called by USENET.
  • 1981, France Telecom create by launching first television phonecall, where people can is phoning each other at the same time relate to video of link.
  • 1984, introduced by system of is name of domain, what nowadays we recognize with DNS or of Domain Name System. tied on Computer is existing network have exceeded 1000 computer more.
  • 1987, amount of continued computer to network leap 10 times fold to become 10.000 more.
  • 1988, between computer humanity have started can chat or chatting, because Jarko Oikarinen of success Finland find and at the same time introduce IRC or of Internet Relay Chat.
  • 1992, computer which each other joining to form network have abysmal million computer, and in[is same year emerge surfing term of the internet.
  • 1994, internet situs have growed to become 3.000 page;yard address, and for the first time or virtual-shopping of e-retail appear on internet.
  • 1996, commerce transaction in internet have reached ACE dollar milliard.
  • 1997, internet situs have passed 1,2 million. Name of tired domain of sale champion 150.000 ACE dollar.
  • 1998, internet situs grow to become 4,2 million, and name of domain which enlist have passed number two millions.
  • 1999, name of domain re-sold 7,5 million ACE dollar.
  • 2000, internet situs have passed 21,1 million.



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