Thursday, July 5, 2007

History Of Blog

History Of Blog
  • First Blog of big possibility is page;yard of What’S New at made by Mosaic browser is Marc Andersen in the year 1993.
  • 1994 Justin Hall start his/its personal website of Justin’S Home Page which later;then turn into Links Underground the from which possible can be conceived of by first Blog such as those which we recognize now.
  • 1998, amount of existing Blog outside there not yet how. This matter is caused by that moment is needed by special knowledge and membership about making of website, HTML, and hosting web to make Blog.
  • 1999 a company of so called Silicon Valley of Pyra Lab launch service of Blogger.Com conducive of whoever with basic knowledges about HTML can create Blog alone by online and free of charge. Although before that July 1999 service make Blog online and free of charge that is Pitas there have and have made Blogger increase till hundreds of, but the amount of Blog have never increased many in such a way that Blogger.Com appear in/on world of per-blog-an. Blogger.Com alone in this time have owned till 100.000 Blogger using their service with growth of amount about/around 20% per month. Blogger.Com and of Pitas of course do not alone, service maker of online blog given also by Grouksoup, Edit Page this as well as Velocinews.



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